D1.B Peer-review of paper reviews - 17 March 2022

Ouvert le : jeudi 17 février 2022, 00:00
À remettre : jeudi 17 mars 2022, 23:59

You should submit the document respecting the following format

e.g., If your matricule is 12345, and the student you are reviewing his or her review ma6tricule is 9876 the name of the pdf should be "12345_Paper_9876.pdf".

You can find the assigned review in this link

  • Your review will be peer-reviewed by another student.

  •  5% for peer-reviewing another review (D1.B).

  • Format for review evaluation (D1.B) form is given in the same overleaf: https://www.overleaf.com/read/qcvmqwzqqkqh (review-evaluation.tex)