D3. Talk Summary - 22 April 2022

Ouvert le : jeudi 10 mars 2022, 00:00
À remettre : vendredi 22 avril 2022, 23:59

You should submit the document respecting the following format

e.g., Summary of the first talk. If your matricule is 12345, the name of the pdf should be "12345_talk01.pdf".

For this task, you will be summarizing one of the seminar talks by describing it in your own words in such a way that the speaker would recognize and consider it to be a fair representation.
You need to explain the main idea(s) presented in the talk, including the research aim, objectives, methodologies, and results. You can cite and refer to some of the invited speaker's papers.
Finally, you need to mention what you enjoyed the most in our guest's presentation style.

You will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
- Ability to Describe the problem, method, and results (the takeaway message) in a clear way
- Correctness 
- Proper use of citations to the speaker's original work when applicable. 
- Ability to describe in few words what you enjoyed the most in guest's presentation style