Types of research in engineering: incremental, radical, technological innovation; fundamental vs applied. Expectations from a master's project. Definition of the research project: hypotheses, research questions and objectives. Context of the project and relevance of the research contribution. Literature review. Methodological approaches. Project planning: milestones, resources, deliverables. Intellectual property. Ethical aspects. Completion of the project. Peer review. Drafting of the project summary. Applying for research scholarships. Publication. Presentation of the results. Entrepreneurial means.


Workshop plan

Module 1. Introduction to research in engineering (3 h.)
- Engineering research vs. other disciplines.
- Research categories.
- The different types of research projects (incremental research, radical, technological innovation; fundamental vs applied).
- Masters: objectives and expected skills.
- Responsibilities of the student.
- Assignment: Introduction to the term’s project: The Research Proposal.

Module 2. Defining my research project (3 h.)
- Components of a research project.
- Scope of the project and expected contribution: Impact model.
- The frontier of knowledge.
- Define the problem: formulate a research question, research hypothesis or objectives.
- Assignment: Introduction to assignment 2 Initial Reference Model diagram.

Module 3. Methodology and contribution (3 h.)
- Understand and apply the right methodology to your research project. General methods, DRM (Design Research Methodology).
- Identify the problem: visualize the contribution of the project (Area of Relevance and Contribution (ARC) Diagram).
- Assignment: Introduction to assignment 3 Area of Relevance and Contribution (ARC).

Module 4. Peer review workshop (2 h.)
- Small-group evaluation work on assignments 2 (Initial Reference Model Diagraml), assignment 3 (ARC Diagram) and on the Preliminary Research Proposal. (Correction grid).
- Summary and conclusion of Modules 1 to 3.

Module “Planning the work” (2 h.)
- Management of the project, resources, time, activities. Planning the work.
- Research ethics, intellectual property.
- Planning for after the Master’s (skills and network).

Module “Communication” (2 h.)
-Oral and poster presentation.

A 3-part assignment is required for the workshop:
Part 1. Research project proposal. Writing the research proposal. Based on the requirements of NSERC master's scholarship applications.
Part 2. Initial Reference Diagram.
Part 3. ARC Diagram. Scope and needs associated with the project.

Evaluation: Pass/fail; presence is mandatory.