Major steps in carrying out research project: emergence and definition, planning and organization, execution, monitoring and completion. Generating and defining an original project. Planning and organization: research strategy; selection of tools and methods; types of activities and work breakdown structure; resources, deliverables, and timelines. Implementation, monitoring, and completion: starting the project, best practices, critical progress assessment, completion of a research project, networking, communication, and documentation. Management of risks, time, and priorities: risks inherent to an original research project with uncertain outcomes; locks, conflicts and delays; integration of ethics in research activities. Writing a preliminary research proposal

Workshop plan

Session 1 – emergence and definition: generating and defining an original project.
Session 2 – organization: research strategy, selection of tools and methods, types of activities and work breakdown structure, resources, deliverables, and timelines.
Session 3 – execution and monitoring: starting the project, best practices, critical progress, assessment, networking, communication, management of risks, time, and priorities.
Session 4 – completion: locks, conflicts and delays, integration of ethics in research activities, documentation (publications, intellectual property, and dissertation).
Assignment 1. Emergence of a research project. The elements at the base of your research project (research field; research subject, rational; research question (s); hypothesis (s); justification.). Formulate the general objective and the specific objectives of your research project. (1 to 2 pages)
Assignment 2. Plan and organize a research project. The dimensions and activities of the research project. Project Breakdown structure, GANTT diagram and resources required to carry out your research project. Deliverables of your project and self-checking points (milestones). (3 to 7 pages)
Assignment 3. Risk management. Identify technical, technological and other risks; assess their likelihood and possible impact. (1 to 2 pages)
Assignment 4. Improved version of your research proposal. This work is intended to be a synthesis of the concepts seen during the entire workshop and applied to your research proposal. (max. 10 pages)

Evaluation : Pass/fail; presence is mandatory.